Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birthday Babes!!

I would like to wish two of our Skirt Girls a very happy birthday today.  Yesterday Suzanne turned 22, while Rachel turned 21 today!  I may be off by a few numbers or decade or so,  but math was never my strong point and Suzanne signs my paycheck so best to keep her happy ;)
Birthday Girl #1
Our two birthday girls have a great story between them that has helped build the company to what it is today.  Rachel and Suzanne were friends from school that had lost touch over the years.  They ran into each other one night out on the town.  Suzanne was struck by the cute guy Rachel was with who turned out to be Rachel's brother.  Not long after, he became Suzanne's husband, and Rachel became our first sales rep (besides Suzanne) for Sevier Skirts!  I would call this: meant to be!
Birthday Girl #2
Sporting The Cathedral
Last Saturday we took them out to a nice dinner at Rose Pepper in East Nashville.  Unfortunately they don't sombrero their customers on their birthday so I have no black mail photos to share.  We had a great time regardless with family, friends and of course Mr. JB, Suzanne's adorable little baby. Around this group he was the hit of the party, being passed around all night!

Mary showing off her maternal skills!
(Between you and me,
I think JB looks terrified!!!)

Half the group!  Looking good ladies!

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