Sunday, July 8, 2012


Beat the heat this Wednesday at Sevier Skirts while making a few deals in the process!  This Wednesday, July 11th is the start of our Summer Sale!!!!

Fine Print:
Where: At Sevier Skirts 5105 Alabama Ave
When: Wednesday, July 11th-Thursday, July 12th 
Online July 11th-July 20th
What:  A sale of course!  Buy of the rack skirts in the shop or choose from hundreds of discounted skirts that we will gladly custom make for you!
If you live in town, come in to the shop!  Its a ton of fun!  
See you then!


  1. Will it be possible to shop the already made skirts online when the sale starts on Monday, or just the sale fabrics?

  2. Hi there! Sadly, the only already made skirts available for purchase will be sold in the shop, at Sevier Skirts. The skirts that will be available online will be brand new skirts made for you at a discounted price. The online sale will begin tomorrow. The shop sale will begin on Wednesday.

    Good news for you is the online skirts are discounted starting at 40% which is the best deal we have going for our summer sale!

    I hope that cleared up your question!

  3. Yes, thanks for the response! Looking forward to the sale!

  4. What are the times for the sale days at the shop?

  5. What time will the shop open and close for the sale days?

  6. Great Questions:

    Wednesday, July 11th: 9am-7pm
    Thursday, July 12th-10am-5pm

    Happy Shopping!