Friday, July 20, 2012

Fall Fabric Shopping 2012

Happy Friday ladies!  The weather in Nashville is overcast and a little dreary.  What do we do on dreary days?  Go shopping of course!!  Were not hitting the mall on this one.  Im taking you on an inside look on the process of selecting fabrics for each season!  Suzanne and Mary are our fabric shopping Guru's and they are going to take us to New York, NY on this one.

Suzanne and Mary go all over the world for fabric.  They have been to New York, LA, Atlanta, Nashville, and Paris for these shopping trips.  On this trip they went to two of Moods warehouses and Mood's retail store. 
Outside of the Mood Warehouse in New Jersey.  This is where our
girls go to get you your fabric!  Brave girls, looks a
little creepy to me!

Outside of 2nd Mood Warehouse in Jersey

   They also had a chance to go the the Premiere Fabric Show.  At the Premiere show, they were able to see future trends for 2013, as well as see French, British, Swiss and Italian goods.  These shows are where we form relationships directly with the European Fabric Manufactures.  Otherwise, we would have to go through a middle man at three times the cost.  We also get to have a creative hand in the process dealing directly with the fabric manufactures.  Premiere is a great place to draw inspiration.
Knit Inspiration at Premiere Show

Color Inspiration for
Knit Inspiration

The girls spent Thursday at the Premiere show.  On Friday they hit the Mood Warehouses and Mood Retail Store (Suzanne's old work place during college).  They spent 5-6 hours a day shopping.  I can't imagine how exhausted they must have been at the end of this.  Would you like an inside look of the shopping conditions?  Okay, you asked for it...
Mood Retail

Mood Retail
Now on to the warehouses...

Fabric Bolts... 
More Fabric Bolts...

And More Fabric Bolts...
In total, the girls spent two 6 hour days in warehouses looking through thousands of bolts and swatches.  So they probably walked with hundreds of fabrics right?  Wrong.  After all of this, the girls left The Big Apple with 13 pieces.  This is how selective we are.  If we don't think our ladies will love it, we don't buy it.

So there you have it ladies.  A small look into the process.  I think we owe Mary and Suzanne a round of applause!

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