Friday, November 8, 2013

Wear THIS, this weekend!

With all the hot trends this fall, one of my favorites is the return of the military jacket.  The military jacket is a great lightweight, comfortable option for your weekend.

Go contrast with a military jacket and florals...

Or, go with my inspiration look  by Olivia Palermo in this structured black get-up...

Wear this, this weekend!
1. The Jacket
I love this trend due to the casual effect.  Comfort is my first go-to so the flouncier the better with this jacket.

2. The Belt
Pick a thick belt to wear over your military jacket to make a statement.  If this look is outside of your comfort zone, leave the belt off.

3. The Tote
For the weekend, grab your favorite weekender bag!

4. The Skirt
The Modern Ikat Black is a fun twist for your little black skirt.  This skirt is a medium weight structured  fabric, a great contrast to the draped jacket.

5.  The Boot
With this all black look, go black on the feet too.  A boot with straps is ideal for this look.

Have a great weekend in this trend!  See you Monday!

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