Wednesday, November 13, 2013

We want YOU to join our team!

Have you thought about changing careers or getting back into the work force?  If you want your own hours, your own schedule and want to be your own boss, I'd like to share a little about one of our own!

Courtney Skeen from Johnson City, TN  was introduced to Sevier Skirts through her sister-in-law a few years back.  She began hosting her own parties that began as 10-12 people parties and grew to 50 including friends and friends of friends.  Her parties grew as did her closet, Courtney owned around 40 skirts before working for Sevier!
Courtney in one of my favorite combos:
Sevier Skirt, belted chambray top and boots!
Nova Spiral
As Courtney's oldest was going off to school, this stay at home mother of two approached Suzanne and Ashley about becoming a rep.  Her husband wanted the discount, and we wanted the labor (kidding!!!!!!!).  It was a match made in skirt heaven.  The selling came naturally to Courtney, though she humbly says that the skirts sell themselves.  I think seeing the skirts on this model mom sells them-YOW-ZA!
With the Hubby
Cathedral Ivory
Courtney makes her own schedule and determines how many parties she has a season.   Last season she had eight parties with most of them being in town.  This allowed her to continue her responsibilities as a mom while bringing in the family some extra dough.  Her sister Lindsey teams up with Courtney.  Together they are an awesome duo, which adds a lot of fun to the job.
What a good looking bunch!
From left: Leanna Sunset,
Knit Houndstooth,
Tribal Blue
Courtney learned from Ashley Black, her Sevier Skirts Rep, the tricks of the trade.  Any question she has, Ashley is just a call away.  Though you work at your leisure, we are a tight knit team so you're never really working alone!
Hot Mama in my favorite outfit!
Nepal Indigo with coral cardigan.
Are those rain boots?! Love!

Are you outgoing?  Do you have a lot of contacts and always searching for more?  Do you like being stopped constantly in public to answer where your skirt's from?  YOU are the perfect fit for our team!
Throw back in the Jax and Ellie Pink!
Love me a textured skirt!
 If you're looking for a new career in which you're in control, we would love you to contact us!  Click here for our career contact page.  There you will learn a little more about being a Skirt Girl.  If you would like to talk one-on-one with one of our own, leave me a message and I'll hook it up!
Love the tweed with the polka dot/sweater combo!
For a comparable number, try the
Portland Wool or Canary Wool Tweed

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