Friday, November 29, 2013

Sevier Black Friday Outfit Guide!

For you ladies that love a good deal, I know you have your list and coffee ready for the early morning mall rush.  You've got your eye on your items and I won't interfere with that.   May I add a few tips to your Black Friday attire though?

Comfort is key!  Wear a skirt.  They are the easiest to zip off in the dressing rooms and the quickest when it comes to trying on shoes.  Also, it's my job to tell you to wear a skirt.  So: Where a SKIRT ;)  One of my favorites is the Westwood Tweed in Tomato.  New this year to Sevier and 40% this Cyber Monday!
Sevier's Black Friday Picks

Next up, I love a chambray top under a sweater look.  Preppy and put together.  Add a statement necklace tucked under the collar of the chambray but above the sweater.  Finish the look off with boots.  Make sure you can slip them on and off, and for comfort sake wear flats!

1. Make a list
2. Find someone crazy enough to battle the crowds.
3. Give them your list.
4. Sleep in!

Happy shopping!

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