Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Favorite Boot!

I've said it before, I'll say it again.  Boots are my favorite skirt accessory, hands down.  
My favorite style of boot?  Easy- knee highs.  Short, tall, skinny or curvy, these boots look good on all body types!

Below I have a Sevier Skirt montage of our looks with knee high boots.  Check it out! 
Knee High Boots
1. Short?  Choose a boot with no horizontal detailing such as straps or hooks or hardware.  Those details will break up your leg.  Pick a boot with a heel to add some height and a clean shaft free of any detailing like look number 1!  Over the knee boots will also make you look shorter, so keep the height right below your knee.

2.  Dress up your look with a stiletto heel.  Not only will this give you extra height, it also classes up any outfit.

3. Go casual with a slouchy boot with no heel.  Not only are these boots comfortable, they're also flattering.  My calves are non-existent making my thighs disproportionately bigger.  With slouchy boots covering up my lower leg, it evens out the weight of my leg actually making my thighs appear slimmer.   Gotta love that!

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