Friday, October 11, 2013

My Picks for Your Stems!

Its cold outside; time to put up your skirts and hibernate your legs till Spring.  FALSE!!   Fall and Winter are the only two times a year we get to break out tights, don't miss out! I love tights for two reasons.  1. It's like wearing spanx on the outside.  They keep you tucked in, giving you nice shape to your legs.  2. One more way to accessorize!

If you want to add length to your legs, the trick is wearing the same color tights as your shoes like this...

Below I have some fun, some conservative, and some trendy ways to pair your favorite Sevier Skirts with tights to wear all winter long.
Skirts & Tights
1. Twiggy Wool Plaid: For a fun way to dress up this school girl look, wear a pair of gray lace tights.  Finish this off with gray pumps for the perfectly put together look.

2. Blockbuster Black:  This is a skirt I want to see you in all winter long.  To contrast the tough leather, pair with black polka dot tights for a fun flirty look.

3. Westwood Tweed Teal: Add texture to texture with a tweed and herringbone combo.  

4. 007 Sequins Gunmetal:  For a casual sequins look, pair the 007 with cable knit tights, boots and a chambray top.

5. Portland Wool:  For a sophisticated work look with a hint of fun, go with brown and burgundy together.  This warm color palette is perfect for fall. 

6. Babzy's Black:  If the skirt you're wearing is dark, lighten up your stems with sheer tights.  Dark black skirts with sheer black tights is a classic look.

Have fun this winter with tights, your legs deserve it!

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