Friday, June 14, 2013

Father's Day Match Up!

No, thats not a model in the Ellie Orange.  That's my boss lady Suzanne!  For Father's Day I wanted to do a special shout out with real people who wear Sevier.  What better candidate than the woman who started it all?!  

A year ago we saw the need to branch out from just our ladies, to serving the whole family.  Don't be bound to matching fabrics, we don't.  We love putting different fabrics with like colors together.  Otherwise known as coordinating.  For Father's Day, try it out!
Above Suzanne started with one of her favorites: Ellie Orange.  With that we have texture and a great base color to start.  To build on that she picked a neck tie for Bart that had a different print from the Ellie with a like color scheme: Liberty Mauvrey.  For JB, Suzanne wanted a fun, bright print: Liberty Milan Mosaic.
Sevier Skirts Fathers Day
A few of my favorite outfits?

Necktie: Persimmon

Have fun with Dad this weekend!  Thanks to Suzanne, Bart and JB for their Sevier Family photo!

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