Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer Survival Guide: Top 5 Picks!

Technically Summer doesn't start till the 21st but with the weather Nashville's having, we are well under way.  With that, I picked my top 5 skirts to get you through every occasion all Summer long!

To make my decision, I needed to make categories:
1. Get-around-skirt:  Patterned, multi colored lightweight cotton that drapes well in a swing.  This skirt needs to be perfect to put on in the morning to run your errands and transition seamlessly to a backyard bbq at night.

2. Little Black Skirt:  Your go-to slimming black skirt.  Need I say more?

3. Khaki Shorts Replacement:  No more sweaty thighs looking bad in scrunched up shorts this summer.   Swap it out for your new favorite khaki go-tos: your skirt!

4. Your Fancy- Cocktail party, wedding, YOUR birthday skirt!

5. Textured Eyelet:  Nothing is more Summer than an eyelet.  This skirt needs to be bright!

To get things started, I will begin with your Get-Around-Skirt: The English Rose.  This skirt is so new, she hasn't hit the online store...yet!  I picked this skirt for the wide color selection and lightweight fabric.  With a solid t-shirt to match, this skirt will be perfect for any occasion.  Versatility at its best!  To buy this skirt call your sales rep or email me:!

Little Black Skirt?  I had to go for the Naomi Black!  This is the perfect little black skirt as you can wear her all year round!  Solid black, goes with anything?  Check.  Texture to add excitement?  Check.  Comfortable fabric?  Cotton, check.

Switch out your khakis for the Moonstone Silver.  Simple in its monochromatic color scheme; interesting in its overlay oblong shapes!

Need to get fancy?  Go for the Limeade Chevron.  Also good for all year long, be ready to stand out in this number!

Last but not least, a bright eyelet: Blossom Eyelet Lemon.  Wear this to birthday parties, wedding showers or any nice day event.  With texture and a great color to match, you won't have to decide what to wear-its a no brainer!  Also available in Teal and Coral!

There you have it, my top Summer Pick!  Every Summer event is taken care of.  You're welcome ;)

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