Monday, June 10, 2013

SOW: Coco Dots Red!

"Tumble outta bed
And stumble to the kitchen
Pour myself a cup of ambition..."

You know where the rest of this song is going..."Workin' 9-5, whatta way to make a living"  As everyone knows, Dolly rules!!!!  That being said, she is the inspiration behind this weeks SOW:Coco Dots Red!  To me, this skirt is the perfect skirt to wear to your 9-5!  This skirt goes out to our working girls!

This is a medium weight cotton red skirt with white circular dots, finished with a blind hem.  She is perfect all year round!  This skirt comes in a pencil or standard style.  She has a lot of structure so she will keep you nice and tight, which is always a good thing(slimming factor)!

Sevier Skirts:Working Girl
I outfitted this skirt for a summer day at the office.  I love this royal blue sleeveless blouse.  The flowing drape of it is a nice contrast to this straight styled skirt.  To knock off the patriotic look(which is by no means a bad thing-USA!!!) I added this feminine floral blazer.  Blazer's have branched out from solid black, navy and khaki and I couldn't be more pleased!  A fun blazer like this is great for the work place or your social life.  

There is the perfect hint of red to coordinate with the Coco Dots, but the real tie in here is the teal and orange necklace.  Pick a statement piece like that to tie two mixed prints together.

For a winter look, a black long sleeve blouse and black leather boots are the perfect touch for this work ready skirt.

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