Tuesday, June 25, 2013

SALE: New Fabric low down!

It's pretty rare for me to blog on a Tuesday, but with new skirts around I just have to tell y'all about it!  As you (better) know, our End of Season Sale is in its second day!  As you may not know, we have added new fabrics.  These fabrics are so new, they haven't been properly photographed yet.  We only have swatches.

I would hate for you to look over these beauties due to lack of info, so here goes...
New Fabrics
#1. Secret Garden:  Lightweight ivory base cotton with geometric floral motif in the following colors:peach, light blue, navy, gray, rose, green, lilac and yellow.  Available in a swing, classic and pencil.  I suggest a swing!  Great summer skirt with coordinating pastel and bright color palette.

Regular Price: $165             Sale Price: $75

#2.  English Rose:  Lightweight cotton base floral print containing the following: navy, orange, yellow, light blue, pink, green, and ivory.  Available in swing, classic and pencil.  I suggest a swing or classic.   This is great for summer and fall with the warmer color palette.  I picked this as one of my top five summer picks!

Regular Price: $165   Sale Price: $75

#3. Go-Go Geometric Pastel: Lightweight cotton base with a very soft almost silky hand to it.  Geometric angles containing the following colors: mustard, pink, dark navy(almost black), ivory, teal, and sea foam green.  Pastel's usually aren't my thing but I am in LOVE with this skirt!  I would wear this casually or on a date.  Available in a swing, pencil or classic.  I would go swing.

Regular Price: $165    Sale Price: $100

#4: Lilly Belle Marigold:  Lightweight mustard cotton base with organic floral print in the following colors: rose, peach, orange, burgundy, navy, cobalt, light blue, lime, olive and white.  Like the English Rose, this is a warmer color palette with flecks of light where the pink and white pop out.  Available in all three styles.   I would pick a swing or classic.

Regular Price: $165     Sale Price: $75

So there you have it!  Take advantage of these brand spankin' new summer deals!  

Happy shopping!

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