Friday, April 6, 2012

Liberty London Prints

On Wednesday we covered that florals are in.  Well today I thought I would spotlight the company that we get the majority of our florals from.  Liberty London prints is the company i'm referring to.  Our Liberty skirts are easily one of my top picks for the spring and summer season.  Liberty has an impressive list of clients including everyone from Marc Jacobs to Target, to even Nike.  And the most impressive...Sevier Skirts, duh.  Liberty is not just a fabric house, they have luggage, accessories, stationary, home decor.  I could go on and on.
Were here to give you Liberty London prints via skirts!  Here is the group that we have.  To see all of them on our website CLICK HERE.
I would suggest getting a Liberty fabric in a swing.  They are a very light weight cotton so it will be your perfect light skirt for those hot summer days.  One of these just might be the SOW next week...wink, wink.  So keep an eye out ;)
Want more Liberty prints?  Target has sandals right now with Liberty London print embellishments so check them out too!

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