Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skirt Party First Timer!

Confession time.  I went to one of Rachel's Skirt Parties on Monday night...and it was my first one.  I know, I know, how could that be?!  Well Im busy in the shop doing this and that and have never been able to go.  So, I threw on my Ace Gray, brown booties and a sweater and drove myself over to the host house of Mary Alice Felker.  I was a little nervous, being a first timer after two years of working here, but it was quite lovely :)
Walking up to Mary Alice's home.
SO excited!  SO beautiful!
This is what you are greeted
with upon arrival.  Beautiful!

I arrived twenty minutes after start time and the party was well on its way.  Rachel was busy measuring one of our clients and Mary Alice was showing off her favorite fabrics to her guests.  Excellent sales person ;)  In the kitchen next to the spread and drinks, one of the guests had her friends products on display.  Juliet Jones from Carbondale, Colorado makes these fun bags that are great for your family.  Check out her website at
Two Plus Two bags.  So fun &
eco friendly!
Mary Alice showing off her
most wanted skirt.

I could only stay a short while but I had a great time.  This was the perfect skirt party for my first time.   These were seasoned veterans that I was dealing with here.  Mary Alice bought her first skirt from Suzanne 8 years ago and had her first party a short time after that!  So fun!  Thanks for having me!
Ladies checking out the skirt
Rachel doing her thing.
Measuring a very happy

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