Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Floral Prints: Yes Please!

Spring Has Sprung!

All over the runway you will see floral prints this year.  Spring, really?! Ok I know, florals always seem to be in, but who can resist a cheery floral print after the long cold winter?  Not me.  Problem:  Florals on the runway seem a little out of my league.  A little too left of center if you know what I mean.  No worries, we have plenty of floral prints that are much more wearable than what you will see on the cat walk.  The trick is picking out a color in the print that is understated and bringing that out by pairing with a solid top of that color.  So easy, so fresh.  Here are three of our florals that I love!
Charisma Navy, London Berry Floral, California Green Floral
For strategic placement go with the Charisma.  For the opposite go with the London Berry.  For a simple two toned large print go with the California Green!

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