Friday, April 27, 2012

How Its Made

Soon on our website we will have a video posted on 'How It's Made' a step by step video to show you exactly how we make your Sevier Skirts here in the shop.  Yes ladies, we are going to invite you into our work space and show you the method to our madness! Today, we had our video-ogropher Brendan Donahue in the shop to make the video!

Brendan is a true Renaissance Man.  He works full time at BMI, Nashville's largest music licensing company.  He has his own business, Pureform Media, a mixed media company producing everything from product photoshoots; band videos; weddings and now Sevier Skirt 'How To' videos.  He can play almost any instrument he gets his hands on.  I know what you're thinking, "Is he single?!"  Yes ladies, but wait theres more!  6'2, brown eyes, enjoys long walks on the beach, fluent in 6 languages (false), and college graduate from MTSU.
Did this just turn into a personal add?  Sorry to get off track there.  We see a total of three men a day in  the shop including the USPS man, the Fed Ex man, and the UPS man, so I just had to tease Brendan while we had a newbie in :)  Sorry about that.  Now that I have your attention, lets get back to our soon to be video!
Tiny glimpse at our workshop
Brendan shooting one of the
steps in production.

Be on the look out for our new video.  You deserve to see all the hard work that goes into your skirts and this video will capture that perfectly!

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