Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swap it out!!

Last Summer my brightly dressed 3 year old niece said to me, "Aunt Tina, why are you wearing black?"  I told her because it was all I had packed.  What I wanted to say was, "Because black is'll understand one day."  When I got home I glanced in the mirror and had to agree with Abby, 'why so much black for the summertime?'  I needed to spice it up.
I think a lot of us get stuck wearing the basic black pant or black skirt to work and outings.  Whether it is consciously selected due to its slimming powers or because it is easy to put outfits together with.  I understand and am guilty of wearing the same old thing with black bottoms time and time again.
Well today I am going to help you break this habit.  Take your normal black outfit and lets swap the bottoms out.  Plain black for a fun print but in the color palette that your comfortable with: grays and black.  Thats right, whatever you would normally wear with your black pants or black staple skirt, you can wear with these options that Im giving you!
Top: J.Crew Painters Tee
Paper Lantern Black
Top: Ann Taylor
Purple and Fuchsia are my favorite colors
to wear with black and gray.
Always a stand out.

River Shine
A little predictable for the office.  A pattern
would go a long way.

Weisbrod Gray
Top & Wrap: Alternative Apparel
Top: Alternative Apparel

Gingham Silver Sequins
Gray is a nice twist on the regular black
Celia Black
Great variety with gray stripes and black
Great skirt for work and play

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