Friday, February 1, 2013

Feb 14th: Get Your Flirt On!

I had too much fun making today's blog!  Last time, we saw what your steamy V-Day look would be.  Today, lets turn that hue from crimson to pink as we get into the Flirty V-Day Look.  The trick we need to remember here is that you can look pretty, cute and a bit of a flirt without looking like you shopped in your daughters closet.

Instead, shop in ours!  Today I picked my top two V-Day skirts for the Pretty In Pink look:  Charlotte's Web Lavender & Vivian- Coral.
Sevier Skirts Valentins
I love the way they are already styled!  The girls hit the nail on the head color- wise for the Vivian.  Pinks and greens are complimentary so this mint is a refreshing option for the coral.  If you don't have a mint top, go neutral.  Either way, wear nude pumps like the ones we have above!

The next skirt is one of my top 5 new favs!  The Charlotte's Web is classy, with beautiful ornate detailing.  She is perfect for Valentines.  Again, the girls styled her beautifully.  I love the off white blouse for every day of the year.  On Feb. 14th, try a pink top like the one I have above.  Go nude for the pumps!

Treat yourself to a trip to Sephora or Woo Cosmetics before the special day.  Your makeup can change your entire look.   For this flirty look, try some pinks!

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