Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Customer Spotlight!!

Angela in the office in her
Dotted Swirl
This past week Suzanne and I took a trip across town to visit with one of our Sevier Skirt customers, Angela Williamson.  I see the skirts through production, so it was a real treat to see the real women who wear our product.

Angela owns her own real estate title company: Centennial Title Company, Inc.  She also owns her look, if you know what I mean ;)  My first impression of this mother of two, wife, and business owner in three words was professional, unique, and confident.  And that was just by appearance.  We hadn't actually met yet!  Suzanne and I brought Angela a handful of outfits for our mini photo shoot.  Silly us.  Angela was prepared with her own looks that she wears for work, play and on the go.  Here is how Angela wears her Sevier Skirts...  

In her Light Bright-Watermelon
with her "go-to weekend"skirt
over her shoulder
In her "go-to night out" skirt,
French Lazor Cut Turquoise

Angela calls her Sevier Skirts her "skinny jeans", meaning when she's having a bad day, or not feeling her best, she throws on her Sevier Skirt and she feels slim and confident.  Something about this one of a kind skirt that was made particularly for her, puts a little pep in her step.
Work and play outfit.
Black/black Zebra Ultra suede.
Black/Black Zebra
close up
Angela has been a customer of ours since 2006, when a client of hers was wearing one of our skirts.  Since then, Sevier Skirts are the only skirts that have made their way to her closet.  In case you can't tell, Angela is a runner.  In fact, after this interview I was inspired to get to the gym ;)  She has a hard time fitting into generic size skirts with her slim torso and muscular legs.  Cue Sevier Skirts custom team!

Why does Angela always look so put together?  Angela does it right by having "go-to" outfits.  This is a great idea for hectic lifestyles.  She has an outfit or at least skirt for every occasion: work, play, errands.  Last minute plans?  Angela's ready for them.

Want Angela's look?  Go where she shops: Ann Taylor,  Nordstroms, and for deals T.J. Maxx.

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