Thursday, February 9, 2012

Nice to finally meet you :)

At Bongo Java
I believe its time for us to get better acquainted.  Here's some things you should know about me, and maybe some things you shouldn't...

I'm 24.  I live in Nashville, TN. I'm a Yankee from Ocean City, MD.  I grew up eight minutes from the beach.  My mom was an elementary school librarian.  My dad was a pilot for NASA.  I have three older siblings.  My parents are retired and have a B&B in Auburn, AL.

I am the 31st graduate from my families Alma mater, Auburn University, with a degree in Apparel Design.  I came to Nashville via an internship at Tennessee Repertory Theater making costumes.  I have been working at Sevier Skirts for a year and a half cutting, trimming, hemming, graphic designing and now blogging.

Thats the basics, now for some random tid bits:

I like making everything pretty, just look at my house.  I love DIY projects.  I am habitually sarcastic, and extremely honest.  I'm a sucker for inspirational quotes and speeches-I teared up during my commencement speech at graduation.  I don't wear heels, I only buy them.  I make handbags and draw on the side.  I like anyone who can make me laugh.

My Favorite things: Morning time.  Hot tea.  Art.  Fabric.  The Time Traveler's Wife. Dogs.  Story People. Being outside.  My nieces.  Fish Tacos.  Strung Lights.  Milk.  My house in East Nashville.  Pinterest.
My living room

Not so favorite things: Watching football.  Odd numbers.  Mean people.  Soda. Big bustling cities.

You can find me: At Bongo Java-East Side, drinking tea and reading my current book, 'Gone With the Wind'.  Only 900 pages to go...

Hope that gave you an idea about the girl behind the blog.  If you have any questions, please ask away.

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