Monday, February 20, 2012

Lightning Bolt Black

This weeks SOW is so favored by the shop that it was originally named The B.A. (The Bad A#%).  I called inappropriate on that (no matter the truth) and we changed it to The Lightning Bolt Black.  I say this to highlight how AWESOME this fabric is.

This skirt is a lightweight cotton.  Because of the color you could get away wearing this year round.  I would call this a 'fun' skirt.  One of our cutters wears this skirt with her rock band tee's and clunky B.A. boots.  Here's Heather rockin' her Lightning Bolt with her Target Rolling Stones Tee and DSW boots...

I think this skirt is crying out for COLOR!  I'm pretty partial to jewel tones so I'm going to pair it with purple and fuchsia.  Here is how I would wear this skirt...
Jersey Knit Scarf
Top: Target
Cardigan: Dillards

Of course there is always my fall back: go neutral with a black top to match the black or gray top to match the appliqué...
Top: The Gap
Sweater: Ya
Top: Target

Take a cue from Heather and head to DSW for some awesome boots.  DSW has great prices.  Its the perfect place to experiment with shoes that you love, but wouldn't usually pick out for yourself.  I would go clunky, and high!  Have fun with it :)

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