Thursday, February 16, 2012

The 'Little Black Skirt'

It's Thursday night and your husband calls to tell you his boss is coming for dinner. Problem: You have nothing to cook.  Bigger problem: you have nothing to wear.  Cue the 'Little Black Skirt' and then call take out.  

Scalloped Lace on Black
"The Classic LBS"

The perfect alternative for when your 'little black dress' just won't do.  I've picked a few skirts from the Sevier Skirt collection that are classics.  Dress them up, or dress them down.  From t-shirt and boots to blouse and heels, these are sure to work for any occasion.

One skirt for one person may not work for another, so I picked a few skirts depending on what your looking for.

Matrix Black with Pink
'The Pinch of Color LBS'
Ikat Black and Gray
' The Funky LBS'

Big Bubble Eyelet Black
'The Preppy LBS'
Ruffle Knit Wool
"The Comfy LBS'

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