Wednesday, February 1, 2012

'...these are a few of my favorite things..'

Today Kalli and I went shopping in the Sevier Closet and picked out our favorite skirts.  Kalli picked an oldie but a goodie, where as I went for the new merch.

Left: Across the Universe       Right: Scallop Lace on Black Cotton

First, lets meet Kalli.  Kalli is the newest member to our team.  She brings a much needed 'edge' to our shop.  As you can tell, she's hip.  In fact she's one of the two hipsters we have here.  Don't know what a hipster is?  Then you don't live in East Nashville.

According to me, a hipster is a 20 something who has mastered the art of layering, may or may not shower, drinks Pabst Blue Ribbon, smokes American Spirits, has envy worthy boots, and wears prescription-less eyeglasses.  Their arch nemesis: mainstream and a hair brush.

Kalli is a rare form of hipster.  Her frequent showering and awesome attitude is enough to get a 'tisk tisk' from her peers.  Her glasses are real.  Lets call her a pseudo hipster.  Her style is edgy yet adorable.  She is far from mainstream and her layering is worthy of a photo op.  Basically, she's cool.  Really cool.  As you can tell, she likes color, so no surprise when she picked the Across the Universe as her favorite skirt.  Here's how Kalli rocks it...

If this look is more than you can pull off, go basic with a black or white tee and comfy cardigan...

I on the other hand went against my norm with the Scallop Lace on Black Cotton.  This skirt is attractive, that's all that needs to be said about this classic.  Down right attractive.  It is flattering, and extremely appropriate for all occasions.  Here are a few looks that I put together...

Booties: Nine West

Belt:Ann Taylor Loft
Shoes: Steve Madden

I'd suggest buying this number at your next skirt party or online before it sells 

One last look
  Lace tank: Target 
Belt: Rusty
Cardigan: Alternative Apparel

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