Friday, February 10, 2012

Sow: Railroad Eyelet Blue

So before this week, the weather in Nashville has been unseasonably warm.  I prematurely got in the Spring spirit and jumped the gun in picking this weeks SOW.  Then it snowed this weekend.  Instead of changing it up, I have faith in Mother Nature that this cold front will move on soon enough so Im sticking with the Rail Road Eyelet Blue for our skirt of the week!  The way I see it, by the time you order your skirt and it is shipped to you it will be warm again...fingers crossed!  Im going to recommend this skirt in a swing. This is going to be your summer go to skirt.
I LOVE this skirt!  And I've got to tell you, I never batted an eye at it until I started picking out outfits for it.  This skirt goes with everything! Well...almost everything, lets not get carried away with a sequined top ;)  But besides your formal wear, you can treat this skirt as your favorite pair of blue jeans and pair it with whatever top you would wear with them.  Don't be afraid to put color with this look.  Here I put a green top with blue stitching and a peplum with it.  The top is a Ya top.  If you don't know this company, you need to.  Very cute and trendy, very affordable. 

Ya Top

Alternative Apparel Wrap Cardigan

If this color is too much for you, no big deal.  My favorite look with this skirt is with your blue jean jacket, and a light scarf.  I know all of you have a blue jean jacket out there.  The scarf I chose is a light weight scarf from Pangea.  A scarf is a great way to add color if you want to stay away from a colored top. I would wear this skirt spring, summer and fall so I would keep mostly light weight accessories (jackets, scarves, etc.) with it.  Pair this with a casual pair of brown riding boots and call it a day.

For summer time, keep it simple with a light weight sleeveless blouse.  Pair it with sandals and enjoy! And for the Fall, wear a simple white long sleeve with your orange and blue Auburn Scarf.  War Eagle!
Top: Ann Taylor Loft
Top: Ann Taylor Loft 


  1. I LOVE how you put all of the options with the skirt. It is wonderful for people like me that have a seriously hard time pairing clothes that are not black. Thank you!

  2. Your so welcome! If you have any questions about outfits for your skirts let me know, we can come up with something :)