Friday, February 17, 2012


Time for another "...these are a few of my favorite things..."
Alright ladies, time to introduce you to your new favorite past time.  I'm talking about a little online site called Pinterest. If your already signed up for Pinterest, I bet your on it right now.  If you aren't then clear your schedules because you are about to spend some unplanned time glued to your computer.

Pinterest is an online pinboard.  It lets you organize and share things you love.  What things Christina?  I'm glad you asked.  You can find recipes, fashion, home decor, workouts, quotes, travel destinations, books, DIY (do it yourself) ideas and more.  My good friend is planning her wedding by Pinterest ideas alone.  Here are some pins that I have on Pinterest...
Not clear yet?  Okay, so you go on Pinterest and download the 'Pin It' button to your computers toolbar.  Next you peruse the Internet.  Anytime you see something you like, be it a belt from The Gap, a living room setup in Pottery Barn, a unique 'Save the Date' card, a fun craft project for your children, or a recipe from Martha Stewart, you click 'Pin It' on your tool bar and it will appear on your Pinterest.  Now your friends will be able to see what you like and in turn, you can see what your friends like.  When you click on a picture you like in Pinterest, it shoots you over to the site it came from and explains how to make the recipe, or do the craft etc.  It's basically an online idea board.
Crib Mattress turned Reading Nook
Heart Window Craft
Save the Date Card
There is a catch.  You have to be invited by a member already on Pinterest.  I just so happen to be such a member and would be happy to invite you on.  Leave your email on the comments list and follow my boards on Pinterest.  Feel free to 'repin' anything you would like.  Don't know what 'repin' means?  Well leave your email, sign up for Pinterest and find out :)

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