Friday, March 2, 2012

Birthday Girl!

Birthday treat for the
Birthday Girl!
Yesterday was a special day at the shop.Yvonne, turned 'none-of-your-business' years old on Thursday ;)  Yvonne has worked for Sevier Skirts for 4 wonderful years and we love her to pieces.  She is our go-to for when we need random things at the shop:

Shop:"I need some velcro.  Yvonne?"
Yvonne:"Hold up, I have some in my car."

Shop: "I need some silly string.  Yvonne?"
Yvonne: "Wait a minute, let me go check in my car.  Think I have some."
Shop: "Of course you do."

I could go on, believe me.  But really, Yvonne is the heart of our shop.  Never have I met someone as thoughtful.  She doesn't let a birthday, birth of a baby, wedding or holiday go by without a gift.  On my birthday, she came to my house during the night and tied balloons outside in my front yard.  I know what your thinking....creepy.  Just teasing, it was incredibly sweet, and made my day.  Yvonne has been all over the world and lived in Germany for a few years.  So we are so lucky that she has decided to reside here with us in Nashville.  

So what do we do for a member of our team that we cherish so dearly on her birthday?  We take her to dinner, put a sombrero on her head, take photos to humiliate her and have a random stranger spread whip cream on her face of course.  Duh.
Outside of Las Maracas sporting our Sevier Skirts.
From Left: Me in Oscar Turquoise, Mary in Liberty Lovely Lady,
Yvonne in Poly Petal Black and Kallie in Wide Wale Mustard.
Happy Birthday Yvonne!  We love you!

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