Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer Love: Floral & White!

If you're a woman who plays by the rules, your time for wearing white is nearing its end.  September 3rd, day after Labor Day, will have you packing up your favorite bottoms so get your use out of them now!  My favorite way to wear white in the summer?  Why with a floral, of course...
Floral & White
Keep it sassy with Betsey Johnson wedges, or classy with a Dolce and Gabbana blouse.  Flirty with a floral peplum top, or casual with a Liberty of London button down.  You can't go wrong with a great white skirt like the Naomi White to finish the look off.  This outfit has me thinking of a garden party with the girls.  

My personal favorite?  I like a floral lightweight blouse with the sleeves rolled up.  Either belt it at the waist with the tales hanging untucked, or no belt and tie the tales up with a center knot for a girl next door look.  I want the white skirt in a pencil so my tan legs are glowing against the contrast!  Hair in a high bun gives you an effortless, thrown together look.

Whats your favorite white skirt outfit?  Wear it out this weekend!

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