Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fall Line Preview!!

Yesterday the skirt girls had the beginning of the Fall Photoshoot for our new line.  To Shadowbrook they went to get a Fall-feel shoot in the dead of Summer.
 I told the girls I would stop by IF and only if there would be a bear skin rug hung on the wall.  Boy did they deliver!!!
 Shadowbrook was gorgeous to say the least.  Built in 1929, the estate was designed to be rustic and modeled after castles in the "Highlands of Scotland".  The ivy that surrounds the perimeter was transplanted from Edinburgh Castle.   Shadowbrook is a family run business where you can enjoy fine dining or entertain with a party or wedding...or to have a Sevier Skirts photo shoot!
 The models we picked for this shoot are all new to us!  They didn't complain once when we dressed them in wool and sent them out in the 95 degree humid weather.  They were wonderful!
 Rachael did an amazing job styling the models, as always.  I'm thinking she needs to start her own styling biz on the side?  What do you think?!
 There were so many different nooks in the mansion to snap photos.  On one of the outside porches, this mint green wall with large logs was a great look!

 I swear Mary Allen could talk to a wall...or in this case a knight in rusted armor :)
 For this look, the girls turned up the heat in faux leather and animal print.
 Who else would lead the photo shoot than our go-to Sevier photographer Kiki?  Always a pleasure to hang with this cool momma for the day!
 I'm predicting this skirt is going to be a top seller this season!  So many colors, and the fabric is very luxe with a hint of sheen.
 For a subtle earthy look, go for our neutral shot with warm lavender.
 This was my favorite look of the day!  Hot pink blouse with electric teal/black wool: Knock-Out number.

 Thats a wrap-with our new Blockbuster in gold!

I'm getting excited for fall!  How about you?!

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