Friday, July 5, 2013

It's a Sevier Wedding!

Today I'm going to tell you a little story of how this girl...
 ...married this boy, in true style.
 And how Sevier Skirts was honored to be apart of it.
 Jamina Carder, postpartum doula (, children's author (, photographer, dancing enthusiast and yogi, met Frank Jackson through  When Frank proposed the wheels started turning for a meaningful, unique wedding.  Instead of a bridesmaid dress that would serve one days purpose, Jamina knew she wanted something her girls could wear again.  As a long time Sevier Skirt customer, Jamina made a phone call to Rachael Rowland and Sevier joined the party.
At first she thought of giving the same skirt to each girl.  Looking through the many fabrics quickly changed that plan.  Each bridesmaid was as unique as each fabric was different; she decided to let her girls pick out their own skirt for their own personality.  We had a skirt party of our own in the shop with the bridal party.
 The wedding was set for November 24th; a warm autumn color scheme was organically chosen.
The flower girls did their own selecting as well!

Jamina is one-of-a-kind, its no surprise she had a one-of-a-kind wedding.  Every detail was meaningful from the family spaghetti dinner to their get-away car.  It's an understatement to say Jamina likes old cars.  She chose this red truck as her send off and back drop for her bridal party.  Jamina's mom served as her matron of honor.  Her mom has not worn a skirt in over 20 years!  Not only did the girls wear Sevier Skirts, they also doned Michael Stars tops.  On the right, Jamina's bridesmaid is in the Leanna Embroidery Seafoam.  Jamina wore the opposite color way, Leanna Embroidery Sunset to her rehearsal dinner.

Before the ceremony that was held at Camp MaryMount, Jamina and Frank had their first viewing of each other in private at the outdoor chapel.  There they exchanged their gifts.  Frank, the type A planner, had called Jamina's brothers and asked for tips on a healthy marriage.  He then made a blueprint of their foundation of marriage.  Get your tissues ready, it only gets more touching from here.
Have you noticed the hats and head pieces?  The wedding invitation asked quests to wear head wear for the event.  Women showed up in fascinators while the men sported wide brimmed hats to paper boy caps.  Love this.
The ceremony kicked off with these cuties preparing the groom.

I love the leaves for this autumn wedding.

The reception began with a movie made by Frank of Jamina and his first year together.  On their one year of dating, Frank shocked Jamina with this outdoor surprise.  The two were the ones surprised at their wedding when their two friends showed up in these get-ups to host the movie!
Wedding coordinated by:
Jessica Sloane
It was important for the two to have as many local touches from Sevier Skirts, to Otis James, to Olive & Sinclair Chocolate to stand in as their wedding cake.  

Jamina's family owned restaurant of 75 years, Jim's Steak & Spaghetti House, catered the event all the way from West Virginia.
 Jamina's grandmother couldn't make it to the event but she was there in spirit...and attached to cardboard to be toted on the dance floor!
 The reception continued well into the night on the dance floor...
Bridesmaid in the Western Velvet Green
 Jamina's new last name became Jackson.  It was only fitting that she made a Jackson playlist where an hour of Jackson 5, Janet and Michael tunes were played!
Bridesmaid in the Coco Dots Red

The flower girls wrapped up in the Velvet Swirls Teal
and Amsterdam Purple

As the evening continued, it became time for the bouquet toss.  It got a little dicey...

 Girl down.  Bouquet down.  I guess no ones getting married next, but what a priceless photo!

If you thought this wedding couldn't get any more original, you would be wrong.
From the reception, the couple left with a bang, literally.  With a sparkler and (toy) gun send off, Bonnie and Clyde were off!

With a final act of love and cold weather, Jamina drew a heart on the glass of their get-a-way truck.
Photography done by:
Love is a Big Deal
 With that, they drove off happily ever after.

A huge thank you goes out to Jamina and Frank for letting Sevier be apart of their special day.  You are quite an extraordinary couple, and creative I might add.

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  1. Such a lovely wedding story. Thanks for sharing. All the skirts are amazing!