Friday, July 12, 2013

Sevier Interns: Back to School Look!

This week I snagged our interns, LeNesha and Olivia out of the office and hit the mall.  I put this Friday's blog in their hands and they came up with-Back to School 2013!  These two will be entering their Senior year at Belmont and TSU, and have Fall fashion on the brain.  While Olivia put together back to school looks for her peers, LeNesha gathered scholarly looks for our educators!

Where can you find a look suitable for a 18-22 year old as well as a mature professional?  We headed to J.Crew and were not disappointed.  While there, I ran into a soon-to be Freshman getting back-to-school outfits for her college debut.  I knew we were in the right spot.

LeNesha is heading into her Senior year at Tennessee State University (TSU).  She is studying Family Consumer Science with a concentration in Design.  At Sevier, she loves organizing the fabrics and cutting out the swatches.  I can relate to her love of textiles!

LeNesha picked the Santa Maria for a school teacher look.  She hit the nail on the head with this outfit. Colorful, appropriate, and trendy with the waist belt.   This skirt looks SO good on her, I think she might just need one ;)

Santa Maria Skirt            Embroidered Gauze Top

 I would also like to introduce you to Olivia.  Olivia is heading into her Senior year at Belmont where she is studying Business Administration.  Olivia wanted a fun atmosphere for her internship, so to Sevier Skirts she went!  Her favorite part at Sevier?  She likes shipping!  Yes that's right, she likes learning the shipping process and the organization of it.

Olivia picked the Coppa Cabana Silk to outfit for her peers going back to school.  For those early morning classes, roll out of bed and into the Coppa Cabana and graphic tee.  Effortless style.
This skirt is available at Skirt Parties, not online.  For you online shoppers, I picked the Liberty Becci in its stead due to the similar color scheme.
Liberty Becci                                    Linen Bandana Tee       

 Last but not least, meet Kate!  Kate is entering her Senior year of High School in North Carolina.  Kate and her friend Copelyn have an upcycled apparel business called Bohlyn, where they take thrift store finds and turn them into trendy distressed shorts, shirts and vests.  Her mom and aunt are Sevier Customers.  Kate came to Nashville for a week to shadow Suzanne and learn some tricks of the trade.  High School entrepreneur, I'm impressed to say the least!

I picked out Kate's outfits.  Now you will have to use your imagination with this one and imagine Kate is not a high school 17 year old, but a stylish sophisticated, fun mom getting her own back to school threads together.

With this first look, I imagine Kate going to Back-To-School orientation parent night.  The Aztec Medallion with a slightly mixed print cotton peplum top.

Aztec Medallion                                Ponte Peplum Top
I love this late fall early winter look LeNesha put together for another great work ready look.  She went trendy with this Navy Peplum sleeveless, and conservative with the Navy/Gray cardigan.  Great pick!

Santa Maria Skirt        Ponte Peplum Top      Merino Color Block Cardigan
I love this ageless look that Olivia picked for her last look.  This belted chambray look is perfect from your teens to your 50's.  I imagine Olivia wearing this from class to a night out with her friends.  No need to change in between!

Liberty Becci             Keeper Chambray Top
For Kate's second look, I imagine her as a mom going to her child's late night soccer or football game.  I love the gold pineapple tee for the late afternoon, then a light denim jacket for when the sun sets and it gets a little chilly out.

Aztec Medallion       Linen Golden Pineapple        Nolita Jacket
For any occasion, of course I had to go with a chambray top...

Aztec Medallion                   Keeper Chambray Top
I love the stripes with the circular motif.  This is great for a casual put together outfit.

Aztec Medallion                          Long Sleeve Pocket Tee  
Last but not least, my favorite outfit.  I visualize this look for a preppy teacher look.  I love the neon pop of the sweater with the great colors already in the Aztec Medallion.  Not into neon?  No problem, the button down under shirt looks great alone with the Aztec and a belt!

Aztec Medallion          Boyfriend Popover          Merino Tippi Sweater

Thanks to our interns and Kate for coming out to shop with me!  It was nice taking photos of someone else for a change!

Have a great weekend, I'll be back Monday with a great deal!

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