Monday, February 4, 2013

SOW: Gwen Wool Plaid Purple & Green

Today we are not only celebrating the SOW, we are celebrating the best day of the year for women!  Yes ladies, the day after the Super Bowl!!!!!  No more football for an entire 5 months, we have our husbands, boyfriends, fathers, etc. back on Sundays!  I couldn't be more thrilled, so I picked a little splash of purple for today's SOW to highlight the Raven's win last night!

The Gwen Wool Plaid Purple & Green is on sale this week 20% off!  This is a heavy weight fabric perfect for these frigid winter days.  Great in a swing or pencil.
The Gwen Wool Plaid is olive with white, green, brown and purple scattered throughout it.  For the look above, I kept it simple with a solid maroon top and dark khaki blazer.  You can also wear black, mustard, deep oranges, or navy with this skirt.

This is a great work skirt.  Attractive yet professional!


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