Monday, March 5, 2012

SOW: Light Bright Watermelon

This weeks SOW will brighten your day.  The Light Bright Watermelon will be 20% off March 5th-11th.  Not only is this a great skirt for mom, its also perfect for your Tot or Pre-teen.  Both will be our SOW this week!

The Light Bright is a great texture skirt.  The color is from tiny individual embroidered yellow, orange, pink and red circles.  It has a great hand and drapes extremely well, making it great for a Swing.  Also available in A-Line and Pencil.

Sunshine Outfit
Its hard not to have fun when making outfits for this cheery skirt.  It's just so cute :)  Goes great with a tee to be simple, a button down for work, or neutrals for any occasion.
Good for Work
My favorite outfit.
Long beige cardigan,
white tee & cowboy boots
Tip:  Before ordering, think about if you like the zig-zags better diagonally or horizontal.  The Swing comes with them diagonal where as the Pencil and A-Line comes with them horizontal.

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