Friday, March 30, 2012

Rachel Rockin' It

This week Rachel came into the shop for an appointment.  Rachel is our Nashville sales rep and we love her visits!  This week she came in looking too cute so I had to snap a photo.  Rachel is wearing a new season skirt: The Neon Passion Floral paired with a cute black tee.   As much fun as it is to play dress up putting fun layers together, our company is all about letting the skirts do the hard work and pairing them with staple tops from The Gap, Ann Taylor and the like.  Whenever you are having an indecisive day, put on your favorite Sevier Skirt, and a basic top and call it a day.  That is what were all about!
Get her look with a basic black tee.  Looks great with a tan, so be sure to bring The Neon Passion Floral on your next family beach trip.
I know what you all are thinking...'Tell us more about this fashion guru Rachel!'  Don't worry ladies, Ill formally introduce her in the next few weeks as we get to know our sales reps a little better!
Have a great weekend, see you back here on Monday!

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