Monday, March 12, 2012

SOW: Kashmir

Enjoy the Kashmir at 20% off this week, March 12th-18th.  This is a light weight cotton, perfect for summer time and for the girl that has every color solid top in her wardrobe.  This is the first time we have had a new skirt as our SOW and we are SO excited about it!

Wear a bold solid to bring
 out that color in the skirt!
Close up so you can
see the colors your working
I went on J.Crew's website to pick out some cute ways to accessorize your Kashmir with.  Keep it simple with solid tops.  I love purples and fuschias with the Kashmir.  For a real color pop, pick a fun color cardigan to go over the top.  Bring the look together with neutral sandals or heals to not over do with color.

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