Monday, May 12, 2014

The Art Of Measuring

You've heard us mention many times that Sevier Skirts offers a custom product designed to fit you perfectly.  Our skirts are tailored to your exact measurements to ensure a piece that is cute, comfortable, and one of a kind.  This is what makes Sevier Skirts so unique, but also the amount of training that goes into becoming a fit specialist and perfecting the art of body measurements.

fit specialist
Fit Specialists must complete an intensive training course where they learn the Sevier Skirt technique for taking body measurements, about the fit of our fabrics, and how to advise customers.  We consider them experts in the art of measuring!  Not only that but they have such a vast knowledge of skirt fit and body shapes that they are able to help women look amazing in skirt types they previously thought they couldn't wear.

fit specialist

We would like to say Sevier Skirt's uniqueness is all in the measuring.  This is a huge part of what sets Sevier Skirts apart from the crowd.  But it is also our unique way of approaching our customers.  We genuinely want to create a product that women are proud to wear because she feels like the best version of herself in it. 

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