Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Making The Switch: From Party Host To FiT Specialist!


Many of our fit specialists begin their career with Sevier Skirts by hosting a skirt party.  Often times one party leads to another then another and then another!  After hosting a handful of skirt parties many hosts realize that 1. Skirt parties are super fun and 2. They could be making money with Sevier Skirts by becoming a fit specialist!  Both of those are true, and the best thing is that making the switch is really easy!

 Learn more about it here!

If you've hosted a Sevier Skirt party in the past why not become a fit Specialist and start earning money and free skirts?  Here's why you should seriously consider it...
  • You already know how a skirt party works.
  • You know you love our product!
  • You already have a great set of contacts!
  • you're excited to offer items women NEED!
We are exited to work with you to become a fit specialist and would love it if you made the switch!
Contact us if you have any question, we're always here to help!

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