Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tee-Shirts & Sevier Skirts!!

Are you a tee shirt and jeans kind of girl?  Not anymore ladies.  Take off the pants, and find your favorite skirt.  Now grab your softest, most broken in tee from 'who knows how long ago' and you've got yourself your new favorite go-to look!

I love a contrasting look, be it a flirty skirt with a casual top or something fancy paired with something from the past.  Today I'm going to dive into this look that shows great taste and a lot of personality.

Want to look great, effortlessly in a casual situation?  This look is for you!

Below are four of my favorite skirts to wear a soft, broken in tee with...

Wear it out!
From Left:
Blockbuster Black, Blockbuster Gold, Speckle Wool Teal, Lily Pad Olive
Be it a tee from your favorite band, your alma-mater or from Target, any tee that fits you well will work for this look.

Don't save certain skirts for one occasion only.  I love the Blockbusters in this casual look.   With the Blockbuster-Black, you can wear any shirt you would with your favorite black pants.  With the Blockbuster-Gold, think of it as your khakis and match accordingly.

Style Tip:  Do something fun with your hair.  Usually with your worn in tee, I bet you wear your hair back and out of the way.  Blow out your hair to add some flair and contrast to this casual look.  Finish off with your favorite pair of low maintenance kicks and you're good to go!

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