Monday, August 12, 2013

SOW: Weisbrod Black!

There are some Mondays that are just harder to wake up from than others, you know?  Today was one of those Mondays.  Its hard enough getting out of bed, let alone trying to find something to wear and getting out the door.  For a day like today, I went back to black with a great staple that is soon to be in your closet!  The Weisbrod Black is 20% off for this weeks SOW!!

This cotton/silk/ polyester brocade from our Swiss mill is a Pencil or Classic kind of a skirt!  This is a medium weight skirt, great for every season.  The hand to this skirt is wonderful with a circular pattern that is slightly raised creating a nice, subtle texture.
SOW: Weisbrod Black!
I love this skirt for the office or in place of your LBD(Little Black Dress).  I am all about the monochrome look, I hope you are too!  Pair an eye-catching color top with a like color blazer.  The effect leaves you with a suit-like look.

For longer looking stems, go for nude pumps.  This look also works great with black heels.  Any color top goes with the Weisbrod making this one versatile, easy to match skirt! 

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