Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Why TO wear white after Labor Day!!

Today I revved up my computer ready to get some last minute white outfits in before Labor Day.  I decided before I began preaching about no white after labor day, I better do my research to find out why we can't wear it in the first place.  Here's what I found....(nothing).

There is no actual reason why this rule exists, just like the black and brown myth.  Before air conditioning, to cool off in the summer time you wore white.  In the Fall, you went back to darker colors that were to hot in the Summer.  Its common sense. 

In urban settings, darker colors were worn.  If you had the luxury to travel to warmer climates like the beach, you wore white.  The higher class took this to separate themselves from those that couldn't afford travel.  With the changing seasons and back to school, new looks were changed over during fall and the "no white after Labor Day" organically came to be.

Being a Libra, I am constantly looking to both sides of issues and frequently changing my tune when I see that I've been wrong.  Coco Chanel wore white all year round.  If its good enough for Coco, its good enough for me!
Labor Day Myth:White After Labor Day
Post Labor Day White
Charlotte's Web White & Black
A great way to get your feet wet in this trend is to start safe with ivory or an included color.  The Charlotte's Web White and Black shown above is a great mix of light and dark.  You can wear this to work, weddings, church or out on the town.  The Cathedral is another great special event skirt and a safe go-to after Labor Day when you want to lighten up a bit.

If you're going to break a trend, you have to do it right.  The number one rule for Fall Whites is fabric.  Put the eyelets and linens away!  If it looks summery it most likely is.  For example, I love love love the Cheekwood White...for Spring and Summer.
Cheekwood White
Heavy weight cottons, wools and poly blends are the way to go in the cooler months.  The following are great post Labor Day white skirts.
Lily Pad Tan

Mimi Houndstooth
Kearney Flowers White

Now lets talk shoes.  After Labor Day if you're going to wear white, you have to go with closed toed shoes!  Sandals=summer.   Go with pumps, flats, booties or my favorite: riding boots.

Now get out there and break some rules!

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