Friday, August 23, 2013

Sevier Close Up!

You know my favorite thing about Sevier?  Our fabrics of course!  I can spot a Sevier Skirt a mile away with the eye catching fabric that Mary and Suzanne bring us each season.  With their close attention to detail I'd like to highlight their efforts with today's Sevier Close Up!

To our online shoppers, today's blog is for you.  You can't feel and see our fabrics in person, so I'm here to help you out and bring these skirts an inch or two closer to your computer screen!
The first skirt I want to highlight is Suzy's Capri Smoke.  This skirt is the perfect khaki replacement with a twist, or should I say shine?  This light-medium weight sturdy linen base is tastefully stitched with a smoke colored embroidery thread with slight sheen.  The effect is a lightly illuminating look when you walk.  I love the geometric pattern to this classy piece.

Next up we have the Stain Glass.  The water color look to this skirt reminds me of a Van Gogh painting.  With so many colors in this abstract pattern, you will have no problem finding a complimentary top to match.

As always, I am constantly drawn to our LBS's (Little Black Skirts).  What can I say, they go with everything!  When it comes in a medium-heavy weight fabric with structure, perfect for a pencil, I'm absolutely smitten.  If you're looking for a go-to for the office with a kick, go for the Modern Ikat Black this skirt season.

Another great khaki replacement brings me to the last skirt to highlight today.  The Nova Spiral is a subtly fun print to spice up any look.  This medium weight skirt has a very slight texture to it with a raised circular motif stitched in.  

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