Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sevier Plaid!!

It's no secret that plaid is in.  We've all seen the flannel button ups, but what about your lower half?  Legs need trend too!  Im here to bring plaid down to your legs, so let's dive in to Sevier Plaid!
Most of our plaids are showcased in Swings.  I say rock a plaid in a knee length Pencil.  Keep it skinny down below because we are going to layer up top.  In the winter, the best way to wear this look is with a button down and sweater.

Plaids are fun because you have so much lee-way with the top colors.  There are so many colors and muted hues in plaids that you can get away with almost any top regardless if the color is actually in the skirt.  In the look above, the Colorful Delight-Wool has green, pink, blue, orange and brown in its stripes.  The pink of the shirt goes, while the teal makes a nice pop!
From left to right:
Immogene Wool- Plaid Blue/Gray, Immogene Wool Plaid-Green/Lavender, Heidi Wool
Above, I pulled from some of my favorite plaids.  Again, try one in a Pencil.  Keep in mind, the stripes go up and down in a Pencil.  For the looks above I picked colors that would pop.  All of the tops you can find at J.Crew.

Top off with a Pea Coat and boots!

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