Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What's What With Fabric

Have you picked out which fabric you're going to use for your new Sevier Dress this Fall?  There are so many beautiful choices it's hard to pick a favorite!  Right now I'm going between Liberty Water Stripe Red for my Shift (click to see more!) or Morgan Diamond for my Fit and Flair (click to see more!).

Of course there are always the new fabrics to look forward to.  It's so exciting looking through those new fabric swatches imagening them as skirts and dresses.  While Fabric shopping in Paris, LA, and New York this past season we chose items specifically with our dresses in mind, so expect to see some beautiful pieces.

A lot of people have been asking me, are there certain fabrics that work better for dresses and what should I look for when choosing a dress fabric.  Great question!  Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a dress Fabric:

choosing a dress fabric

I know what you're thinking.  Yes, all of this is great, but what does it all mean.  

Lets begin with #1.  Light weight fabrics are great for movement.  Since the shift dress is all about comfort and style check out our Liberty fabrics like the Floral Trellis or the Mandarin Ribbon.  Subtle embroidery fabrics also looks great as a shift such as the Karolina Embroideries in Ivory, Blue, or Black.  The Blooming Dots both look amazing as do the Floressence fabrics.

#2 Since the Fit and Flair has a little more structure they work really well in a heavier fabric.  We love this style of dress in all shades of the Morgan Diamond, Ace Teal, Valerie Rainbow, Spiral Lattice, Marissa Grey or Black, and the Willow Branches.

What we mean by "Non-textured" is avoid anything with an applique or ruffle that extends off of the fabric.  While this may look amazing as a skirt sometimes it might not work well for a dress.

Of course, these are just guidelines when choosing your fabric.  It really depends on what you love and feel great in!  I can't wait to see what everyone chooses this coming Fall!

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  1. Choosing a dress fabric can be quite tricky since there are plenty of choices to choose from, for me the most important thing to consider when choosing a fabric is it's quality and design, you also have to consider the design of the dress you'll gonna make with the fabric.