Wednesday, June 4, 2014

In The Begginning...Our Journey To A New Sevier Skirts Product.

Hi there!  Happy Wednesday, half way through the week! 

Usually this blog focuses on what's coming to Sevier Skirts or our current favorites. And yes, it's true that Sevier Skirts does have some really exciting things planned for the
fall season, but before we get to that lets take a second to remember were we started and reflect on how far we've come as a company.

Our founder, Suzanne Sevier, began making skirts ten years ago at her friends requests.  She had studied textiles and pattern making in New York and upon graduation was exploring her options to break into this field.  Without even knowing it Suzanne hosted her first skirt party in Nashville at the popular Rumors wine bar.  As popularity of her skirts grew she decided to hire on a team of sewers and skirt lovers.  One step led to another and Suzanne along with her growing team turned Sevier Skirts into a direct sales company, throwing parties and having an overall great time.  So here we are today with more sales reps and customers than ever before.

Sevier Skirts has continued to grow into a nation wide direct sales skirt company.  And at this point it only seems natural to take the next step in custom made clothing.

The other day Sevier Skirts held an event to launch their new product.  Attendees offered feedback and shopped our new looks before they were offered to the customer.

We are so pleased to announce that along with our already very popular skirt styles this Fall we will be offering our customers Sevier dresses!  We are so excited about Sevier dresses, they're adorable and look amazing in our unique fabrics.  We will be offering two styles, the Fit And Flare as well as the Shift Dress.

For the next two days we will be going into detail about each style, fabric options, and sharing preview pictures of our Fall line.

Stay tuned!

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