Friday, June 13, 2014

Becoming a Party Host = Free Skirts!

Did you all know that by hosting a Sevier Skirt party you can earn money towards free skirts?  You can and it's easier than you think!  All you have to do is contact the Fit Specialist (click to see the list!) that is closest to your area, invite friends, family, colleges, neighbors, and anyone else that might love a custom made skirt and let the party begin!

Your Fit Specialist will send out invitations, set up the party in your home, teach your party goers about styles, cuts, and fabrics, and prepare and send out orders.

It's a lot of fun you should try it!

Check out our skirt party video!

Here are some of our Hostess FAQs.  You can also access them on our website here along with our hostess contact form and all kinds of Sevier Skirt info!

How will my friends know about my party?
We will collect the names and emails from you of everyone you would like to invite over for your Sevier Skirt Party. After you gather and send your list of 50 to 500 people to your Sevier Skirt Representative, your job is done. We will email the invitations and send out a reminder the day before the party.
Some of my friends do not have or check their email, how will they know I am having a party?
Upon request, we will provide hard copy invites that you can hand out or mail directly to your friends.
How many people should I invite to a Sevier Skirt Party?
The more women, the better- we are talking neighbors, cousins, friends, teachers, mothers, sisters, aunts, school and church directory, bible study, supper club, book club, children’s play club, every woman you can think of!
What kind of time commitment is a Sevier Skirt Party?
Most parties are between 4 and 8 hours long. It is a come and go party, so pick a time of day that best fits yours and your friend’s lifestyles. Daytime parties, while children are at school- works great for stay at home mothers. Happy Hour is a popular time for working women. Your Sevier Skirt Representative will work with you to find the best time frame for you.
Do I need to provide anything for my guests?
Refreshments are up to you. Don't feel like you have to provide a fancy spread... something to drink and a small chip and dip appetizer is plenty. Too much food can actually be a distraction. We have found that providing a dinner party atmosphere can actually take your guest's focus off the skirts!
Do I receive a bonus for being a host?
Our Sevier Skirt Hostesses receive 12.5% of the party’s sales toward her purchase. If you are a joint hostess with a friend, the 12.5% will be split evenly amongst hostesses.
Can I combine my Sevier Skirt Party with another product?
Due to the complexity of our product, we do not participate in combination parties with other product lines.

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