Thursday, March 12, 2015

Fabric, Fabric, and More Fabric!

One of the events I look forward to most in the Spring, beside the kick-off of a new season, is the cross country trip I make out to Los Angeles for the LA Textile Market. Now don't get me wrong, the short trip paired with the long travel time is taxing to say the least- but it is always worth it to see what the fabric mills will be offering a for Spring 2016. 

You might be thinking, "How can you even think about what fabric to buy for next Spring, when this Spring hasn't even really begun?!" Well, it isn't easy, but that's not to say it isn't exciting to think about future collections for you. 
This year, I got to spend the night before the fabric show with my dear friend Polly who recently moved to LA. Even though it was raining like crazy when I arrived at 11pm, we were able to catch up on the past couple of months, and talk about what this Spring had in store for each of us. The visit was short, but it was also the perfect way to spend the night before shopping for Sevier's Next Most Popular Fabric. 
In the morning, I walked down the street from Polly's apartment to the Bronzed Aussie. There, I grabbed a delicious latte and a protein-filled Brekkie-Pie to fuel me for my day. I would highly recommend it if you ever find yourself in downtown LA and need a quick breakfast.
With a full belly, I walked a few blocks to the convention center for LA Textile Market. Through the front doors, I was greeted by table after table of fabrics on display: so many beautiful, vibrant spring fabrics! With only 4 hours to work, before making my airport run, I knew I had to quickly get my head in the game, find some inspiration, and then make way up to the Penthouse Floor to visit all the booths. 

(Deep Indigo is always flattering and easy to pair.)

(Bright Blue and Aqua look like they will be a popular color for 2016.)

Inspiration was not hard to find with all the fabric displays. And the vendors did not disappoint with their offerings for Spring 2016. 
In case you were worried, I made it to all my appointments, even found some new vendors, and didn't miss my flight out of the city! It was a whirl wind of a show- as LA always is, but I found some really beautiful things that you are going to love next Spring. Until then, I hope you are enjoying this Spring's Collection! Let me know which fabrics you love the most, and I will be sure to try and put some similar things on the line for next Spring. 

I will leave you with a few more shots of the inspiration tables as a teaser until Spring 2016!

(Don't worry I will not be buying any of that fluffy magenta fabric.)

(Corals and Pinks are always a Sevier Staple for the warmer months.)

(Absolutely LOVING this neutral sequin!)

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