Tuesday, March 24, 2015

So Fresh and So Clean

You know that tag in the back of your Sevier Skirt that says Dry Clean Only? Well, the truth is, you can wash many (but not all) of your Sevier Skirts, you just have to be very DELICATE.
By delicate, we are not asking you to hand wash your custom pieces, you just need to use a delicate detergent like Roux Maison. Created in Nashville, TN, just like Sevier, this detergent is one of our favorites for it's ability to deep clean while still being super gentle on those extra special fabrics. Roux Maison Detergent is free of toxic chemicals that can shorten the life of your clothes, and here at Sevier, skirt longevity is at the top of our priority list.
Suzanne Sevier Rowland, owner of Sevier Skirts, has been a long time believer in Roux Maison. She personally uses the detergent to wash all her Sevier Skirts, but she doesn't limit this detergent to just her gentle laundry loads. Roux Maison is used for every load of laundry in her household. Suzanne loves Roux Maison so much that Sevier is proud to inform you that we will now be carrying the Detergent and Stain Remover for purchase on our website!

Our Favorite Roux Maison Products

Delicate Fragrance-Free Laundry Detergent
Just two capfuls of this detergent will leave your clothes, and more specifically your skirts, complete fresh and clean. The all-nautral formula is excellent at removing perspiration salts, body odors, and stains that can collect of your favorite skirt after multiple wears. We like the fragrance-free formula best because it is safe on even the most sensitive skin.
Skirt Care: Wash inside out, on the delicate cycle with cold water and like colors. If you skirt is a cotton embroidery, we suggest using a garment bag. Hang to dry and press with a warm iron inside out.

Stain Remover
The Miracle Worker (as we like to call it), Roux Maison's Stain Remover has gotten out the toughest and most skirt wrecking stains. And believe me, between children, dogs, and life, the Sevier Team sees our fare share of stains.
Skirt Care: Just a dab of this super concentrated formula, and your stain will be no more. Allow the Stain Remover to set in and do it's thing for 15-20 minutes, then follow with a Roux Maison wash, and your stain will be gone. 

***Safe on Most, but not on All***
To see if your skirt can be hand washed, simply look up the fabric name in our online store to see if it is safe to use Roux Maison instead of taking your skirt to the dry cleaners. As for the Sevier Dress, we still recommend you dry your dresses- if not for any other reason than they are extremely difficult to iron.

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