Monday, November 17, 2014

Trend alert: perfect layers

Hello skirt and dress lovers!  Today's post is going to focus on one of my favorite winter trends: long layers!  With cold weather bringing freezing temperatures nothing feels better than bundling up and staying warm.

One common cold weather myth is that you have to ditch your favorite dresses and skirts for pants.  Not true!  I'm going to show you how to wear your favorite Sevier pieces and still stay warm!  There are so many cozy fabrics in our Sevier library.  Today I will be using our Charlotte's Web fabric in black to show you how to layer your pieces to look chic and stay warm this winter!

bottom layer

The bottom layer keeps your legs and feet warm.  Don't be afraid to mix and match boots, tights and socks.  Adding a pop of colored knee high socks will add an extra layer but also mix up your usual go to tights with boots look!

Look for a high quality leather boot and thick socks.  The leather and fabric will create a barrier between your feet and the cold!

I love this layered look.  The Hunter boots are great for rainy weather!
Try pairing our Charlotte's web pencil with a plaid shirt and pea coat to create a similar look!

Check these links to find some super cute knee socks to wear with your boots and tights:

For your tops you want to add four separate layers.  A tank, shirt or blouse, sweater, and winter coat.  Make sure your coat is roomy enough to wear a sweater underneath.  Look for one with a little flair!  The shape is ultra flattering for most women and adds an interesting element to your outfit.  This one is an extremely affordable $40 from

Top Layer

Check out these outfits for some inspiration!
These girls have some serious layered style!

To finish off a cozy winter look dont forget to add some accessories.  This can include a scarf, gloves, or a hat.  My favorite addition is adding a thick textured scarf.  It's chic and functional!


I hope everyone has a great winter season,let us know if you have any styling tips about wearing your Sevier skirts and dresses in cold weather!

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