Wednesday, December 4, 2013

In-Store Sale Starts Today!

If you would like to be refitted, fitted for the first time, or need additional help when picking out your perfect style, our In-Store Sale is for you!  Today though tomorrow, the Skirt girls will be at the shop ready to measure, and assist in your skirt buying needs!  Not only will you have the online sale items to choose from, you will also be able to buy off the rack skirts at a discounted rate!

I have been measured countless times.  Two years ago, I liked my skirts sitting low on my waist and cut short.  Now I like them to sit higher and the length just above my knee.  Getting re-measured isn't just for those that have changed sizes!  Where your skirt sits on you will change the way it looks.
In-Store Sale
Come see us at the shop Wednesday and Thursday and get some great deals!

5105 Alabama Ave.  Nashville, TN 37209

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