Monday, September 29, 2014

Job Perks

A great job comes a lot of perks, but one thing you don't always expect to find at your place of business are lasting friendships and a great community.  Here at Sevier Skirts we are always talking about how much we love our customer.  We all are the backbone to a business that we are so passionate about.

One thing we don't mention enough is how much we love and appreciate our team of fit specialists.  Because being a fit specialist isn't only about throwing amazing parties or being a style expert it's about being a part of an amazing group of women who love what they do.

Many of our Specialists have grown together as the company has grown.  It's not unususal for a few women to know each other outside of Sevier Skirts and once joining the company build longlasting friendships with one another.   We believe it's because of the shared passion between these women, the company, and our customers that has created this bond within the Sevier Skirts community.

Sure, many jobs offer a lot to their employees.  But building meaningful relationships with an awesome group of talented women, that just one of our perks.

To learn more about becoming a fit specialist contact us at:

Sevier Skirts
5105 Alabama Ave
Nashville TN 37209

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