Monday, August 4, 2014

Book Your Fall Party!

fall parties

Have you booked your skirt party for Fall yet?  If you haven't already contacted your nearest Fit Specialist, now is the best time to do connect with them!  Follow this link to view a list of our Specialists and their locations: !

Not a Specialist close to your area?  Not a problem.  We don't mind traveling to meet you, in fact, we love a good road trip!

Here at Sevier Skirts we make it a point to reach as many skirt lovers as possible.  We love spreading the word on custom made clothing and providing women across the country with perfectly tailored skirts and dresses.  In fact, it's our mission to reach every state, every town, every city and dress women in clothing that was made for their bodies!

This fall is especially exciting because we not only will be showcasing our entirely new hand picked fabrics but you will also be able to order the Sevier Dress which is available in two adorable styles and an endless amount of fabric choices. Learn more about our dresses here!

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